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Your Deeper Dating ID Name Monique
First Name/ Nickname Monique
Gender Female
Age 56 years
Country United States
State Arizona
City Cave Creek
Interested in: Male
Between the ages of 50 to 59
Your Build Athletic
Your Height Shorter than average


What Matters Most To Me
1. Health/wellness/fitness matters to me because it's important to me to respect the body. take good care of it, and honor it as we age. 2. Integrity matters to me because it displays character and is an umbrella for other important things like honesty, respect, civility, and loyalty. 3. Goal Oriented - This is important to me because it shows focus, good work ethic, and forward movement in life.  
Self Description
I am honest, intense, warm, and love connecting with people in a deep way. I thrive on empowering others, am grounded, and personable, reserved by nature, and enjoy my down time to regenerate. I volunteer each year overseas and have made a career of helping corporate executives grow in their professions. Since I work remotely I've built a lot of flexibility into my life style.  Solid, trusting relationships are important to me as are character, integrity, and loyalty. I've done a lot of personal and professional growth in my lifetime and am super committed to my own growth.  I live, breath, and teach that we all have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other to keep evolving no matter how much it hurts, and no matter how long it takes. I am reflective and enjoy meditating, journaling, writing, and having deep spiritual and intellectual conversations. The qualities I appreciate in others are good listening skills, the ability to help me get unstuck with open ended questions, high emotional intelligence, empathy, and open mindedness.
In a short paragraph, Describe someone who was one of the top inspirations in your life.
I come from a background of trauma and had no inspirations in my life, nor anyone that I looked up to.  Now, in my adult life, I am inspired by people who have the qualities I mentioned above.
Share A Dream
Since I am pretty goal oriented, I have achieved quite a bit in my lifetime that a typical trauma survivor wouldn't have achieved.  A few aspirations I have at this point are to break some patterns so that I can find a partner, and do more traveling overseas or maybe split my time between the US and Europe.  I would also like to write a book about my life and speak about it to inspire others.


Personal qualities your friends and loved ones appreciate most about you?
Integrity and honesty, Ambitious and competent, Courageous
Personal qualities that are most important to you in a mate?
Integrity and honesty, Willingness to be vulnerable and share feelings, Ambitious and competent


Travel Love this!
Movies Love this!
Food Love this!
Theater Love this!
Listening To Music Love this!
Reading Love this!
Art and museums Love this!
Nature Love this!
Time With Loved Ones Occasionally

Physical Activities

Pick Your Top 4 Favorites Hiking/Camping, Weights, Dancing


Singing Not something I envision doing but more power to you if you love it!
Visual Art Not something I envision doing but more power to you if you love it!
Music Would love to do more of this
Writing Important part of my life
Photography Would love to do more of this
Arts and Crafts Would love to do more of this

Personal Growth

Volunteering Love this!
Meditation Love this!
Yoga Love this!
Spiritual Pursuits Love this!
Exploring Personal Growth Love this!
Political Advocacy Occasionally

Additional Info

Occupation Executive Coach
Relationship Status Divorced
Kids Have kids but they live away from home
Education Graduate degree
Smoker No
Drinking Never
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Religion Buddhist
Politics Far Left
Dream job? Already doing it.


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